ECOLOGY OF THE SOULthumbnail_Ecology_of_the_Soul_leaflet_en_24Performing Arts Skills and Spiritual Practices

Workshop leader: Sanja Krsmanović Tasić, Hleb Theatre, Belgrade, Serbia

Workshop assistant/musician: Jugoslav Hadžić.

Workshop languages: English, with Czech and Serbian as needed. Participants may use their native/mother tongue(s) for vocal work.


This workshop is open to participants with or without experience in the performing arts.  We welcome dancers, actors, theatre directors, students, drama teachers, and anyone who is interested in searching for the beauty of expression and in centering themselves in life and the world.

Each of us hides, in ourselves, an amazing potential of creativity, movement, vocal and artistic expression waiting to be discovered. The path of discovery we will explore in this workshop benefits the body, voice and soul, and enriches our lives. The work honors the individual potential and unique expressivity of every participant. It is intended both for people who have never expressed themselves through the performing arts, and for professional artists who would like to develop their abilities and learn new skills. It is tailored to the needs of anyone who is ready to risk breaking their patterns, both in body and mind, in order to grow as a human being. The participants will take from the workshop a set of exercises and skills that they can further practice and develop in their professional work, groups, or with students they teach.


The week-long event will focus on the development of different performing arts and spiritual growth skills and practices, and mastering the process of “devising” in theatre and dance. We will focus on breathing, centering, moving, singing, performing, and being together.  We will encounter ourselves and others along the way. We will unfold the secrets of our “genetic memories,” bringing forth amazing insights and profound revelations. We will discover our organic voices. Expect a lot of laughter and joy, and moments of deep connection and contemplation.

The work we do is based in contemporary theatre and dance techniques.  We will discover and practice the skills of artists who made their mark on the 20th century performing arts through a teaching method that Sanja has been developing for more than three decades. She draws form her experience first as a dancer and actress, then as a choreographer and theatre director. Together, we will explore Sanja’s concept of “The Ecology of Soul,” the cleaning and purification of us as human beings, of our thoughts, emotions, and relationships, through art practices and physical & vocal training. At the conclusion of the week-long course, participants will present their work in a presentation in the form of a theatre or dance scenes.


Sanja Krsmanovic Tasic is a performing artist, theatre director, choreographer, and a dance and a drama teacher. She is the founder and artistic director of the Hleb Theatre ( and the Artistic Utopia Association. Formerly an actress of the DAH Theatre and program director of educational projects of the DAH Theatre Research Centre (, she has worked as a drama and dance/movement teacher since 1984. An important part of her pedagogical work is dedicated to creating art with disabled dancers and actors, both young and old. She is the author and the producer of numerous programs and projects both educational and artistic. She leads drama and dance workshops in Serbia and internationally (Europe, USA, UK, New Zealand, Mongolia, Cuba). She is the President of CEDEUM (Centre for Drama in Education and Art) and program Board member of BITEF Polyphony Festival ( in Belgrade, Serbia. She is also an active member and one of the Elected Officers, currently the President of the AC, of IDEA (International Drama/Theatre and Education Association) and a member of the Coordination Committee of IDEA Europe.(

Since 2011, she has been developing a new form of performance called “essays in movement”. In 2014, she started developing the concept of “The Ecology of Soul” also as part of the Festival “Mater Terra,” which she founded.


In the Open Space Centre, Czech Republic. Open Space is a non-for-profit educational and cultural centre located 15 minutes from Prague airport and 25 min from Prague in the quaint village of Trpoměchy near Slany. Originally built as a gymnasium in 1920’s by Sokol, a fraternal organisation   promoting the old-Greek ideal of a bodily, moral and spiritual whole, the recently reconstructed building offers a large workspace, kitchen, sauna and cozy attic bedrooms.


Open Space is located 3 km from nearby town of Slany and only 30 km (25min) from the centre of Prague. During the workshop, you are welcome to join us for two half-day trips.

1) Half-day trip to Prague. We will go on an “insider’s tour of Prague,” visiting the favorite spots of locals and artists.

2) Half-day/evening trip to the nearby town of Slany.  We will visit the famous Antos House Brewery and check out the popular Fany Jazz Café.


August 12th (starting at 6pm) to 19th (finishing at 12am), 2018.

We will work every day from 9am till 5:30pm.

Participants who are interested in the organised trip to Prague can arrange to stay an extra night after the workshop ends for a small extra accommodation fee.


Czech residents

Fee : CZK 7.600

Overseas participants (who do not reside in the Czech Republic)

Fee : € 350

The fee includes:

full board (3 meals a day, snacks, coffee/tea)

hostel-style lodging in shared rooms with 2-4 people in one room and shared bathrooms, bedding and towels included

free transport from and to Prague airport

Please note: Day trips incur an extra charge.

Payment can be made by bank transfer or paypal.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for more information.

Pavel Bednar, tel: +420602322947,

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